Laser & Aesthetic Training

Training is the key to success of your laser and aesthetic business. 

Providing laser or aesthetic treatment should not be undertaken lightly. As a user of aesthetic or laser equipment, you have a "duty of care" to your clients under the health and safety legislation.

Read further about the opportunities for laser and aesthetic training and how we can help you.

Business startup advice

No matter what business no already run or if this is a new business that you are looking to establish you need to properly trained  by law, as a "duty of care" to your clients and to comply with local and national regulations. 
You need to be trained properly to use the equipment safely and effectively.

Laser Training

Training is an essential part of any business. To read further on what is required for a new business and the legislation click into our business start up pages which you may find useful but will become a necessity to understand if you are going ot move forward with a laser/IPl business.


Aesthetic Training

Training is an essential part of any business. Regardless of what treatments you are going to offer you need to know if there is any legislation required, for this you can ready of start up advice. If you are looking for aesthetic training then please read more.


Client Consultation Form

Help to set up your laser and aesthetic business with these tried and tested client consultation forms for some of the most popular treatments.